Review: National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

I went to Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) in Odaiba in Japan. Its Curator is Japanese 2nd astronaut Mr.Mouri! I saw the permanent exhibit which has 4 fields: 1.Innovation and the Future, 2.Information Science and Technology for Society, 3.Life Science, and 4.The Earth Environment and Frontiers. I major in Computer Science, so I was looking forward to look at the 1st and 2nd areas.

1. Innovation and the Future

This sector shows micro machines, robots, condensed matter physics(superconductivity, electromagnetic induction), and so on.

Acceleration Sensor ModuleJapanese game "Kirby Tilt N' Tumble" is displayed as an example of using acceleration sensor. Recently, Nintendo Wii Remote Controller uses this device. This picture is an acceleration sensor of mine. We can buy such a module at a low price in Akihabara in Japan.

A midget model of linear motor car: well-known application of superconductivity is there. The midget runs very slowly but it is truly a linear motor car. An interpreter taught the mechanism to a family.

There are some robots which can control by children. I saw a children operating a robot and fetching a block by robot's arms. He looks very joyful!

2. Information Science and Technology for Society

There is a high-profile model in this area. It is a model of the Internet. It is constructed of the models of nodes, packets, lines, and routers. It seems to show the packet routing.

Another topic of this area is the interface between humans and computers. We can see and use optical interfaces, speech recognition devices and so on.

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