Serious Shortage of PG and SE in Japan

Programmers and System Engineers are shortage in Japan. It is because they are treated badly. Do you know 3K? 3K are Kitsui(hard), Kaerenai(can't come home because of the work is very busy) and Kyuryo ga yasui(bad pay).

Recently, we hear 7K! 7K is old 3K + new 4K. Kisoku ga kibishi(strict rule), Kyuka ga torenai(take no leave of absence), Kesyo ga noranai(make-up isn't on a roll because of skin roughness caused by tiredness) and Kekkon dekinai(can't marry because of no encounter to the opposite sex and busyness).

Therefore, even university students who majors in computer science are unwilling to be PG or SE. So, the companies employ not only science students (who don't major in computer science) but also liberal arts students!

A professor said we(university students who majors in CS) should enter "Matomona" companies which treat us as software engineers. For example, Google, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, ... They are all foreign affiliated company^^; In other words, many Japanese company aren't "Matomo" and treat us as a cogwheel of the company.

I think IT companies have no future in Japan if nothing is done.

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